[Episode 14] – Engineering a New Fashion Category with Ministry of Supply

Episode 14 Aman Advani Ministry of Supply Banner

Aman Advani co-founded Ministry of Supply while at business school at MIT. He helped define the performance professional category – business professional attire that’s actually comfortable.

You can see from the way they run themselves that they’re engineers solving problems in  the fashion space. A Fast Company piece on them put it this way “its conception, its design process, and how it interacts with customers, Ministry of Supply arguably has more in common with the likes of Apple and Google than with J. Crew”

So that’s why we wanted to talk to Aman – to understand how they’ve applied that hypothesis driven testing approach to the fashion space, and how you can leverage testing to benefit your business.

This week’s question:

How have engineers created a new clothing category?

“We think with our engineering hats on more than we do with our fashion opinions or ideas. It’s a deeply rooted customer insight-based focus on how can we create a new category that is not just creating a slightly better pair of socks – but a truly rethought pair of socks or rethought undershirt”

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  1. How did Aman wind up launching this particular business?
  2. How did he and his co-founders launch the then highest grossing Kickstarter fashion campaign?
  3. How did they use their engineering background to create a new fashion category?

Key Takeaway:

There are many insights to take away from this week’s episode – but if there’s just ONE you walk away with –

  • TEST:  Leverage a hypothesis-driven approach to your product or service, and then test that hypothesis.  Focus on the insights from your test and iterate often.  Through a combination of tests, you will iterate to a much better answer than if you guess what your market cares about and values.

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