[Episode 16] Rand Fishkin on how to focus your online marketing efforts

Episode 16 Rand Fishkin on how to focus your internet marketing

Rand is known as the Wizard of Moz – the godfather of SEO and all around highly respected online marketing thought leader. He’s the founder of Moz, a suite of popular tools to help build and manage your online presence.

The episode covers the six different channels to market your business online, and talks about how to focus your activities on what’s most relevant for your business. The Venn diagram Rand mentions is certainly a game-changer if you’ve been wading through tactics (vs. strategy) to build your online presence.

This week’s question:

How do you focus your efforts when building an online presence?

“Think of a Venn diagram – three overlapping circles.  Circle Number 1 – where your audience is and where your audiences influencers are.  Circle Number 2 – what you are particularly good at and passionate about, and Circle 3 is where you can have a measurable positive return on investment”

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  1. How’d you start Moz?

  2. Explain the world of online marketing to someone who has no background in it and help them figure out how they should prioritize their time + money

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on the channels that you’re passionate about:  If you’re a former consultant or lawyer, you may be more at home creating content for platforms like LinkedIn, Slideshare and Quora than Twitter and Facebook (I know that’s true for me).  Focus on what’s natural to you vs. assuming you have to be in all places at all times.
  • Provide true value and then engage with amplifiers:  If you’re building from scratch, this is especially important.  Take your time and create a valuable product, service or content.  Over time, engage with amplifiers (those that can help you reach your target audience) by giving to them (and not asking for anything in return).  Once a relationship is built, that’s when it may make sense to ask them to share your offering to the world.  GaryVee calls this the “jab,jab, jab, left hook” mentality.

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