[Episode 18] How to systematize and productize a services business

Episode 18 banner Rachel Rodgers
​Rachel Rodgers started the Rodgers Collective, a cool, innovative take on a law firm.  She has grown the company over the past 5 years or so, and has lot to share, including a great way to think about protection as an entrepreneur.

This week’s question:

How and why did you systematize your business?
….The goal was to automate as much as humanly possible, because the more that you automate the less human capital you need to do the job.

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  1. ​How have you rocked Rodgers Collective while raising a couple of newborns at the same time?
  2. How did you systematize your business?
  3. How did you productize your legal services?
  4. What legal guidance do you have for Entrepreneurs?

Key Takeaways:

  • Bring in the expertise. Many entrepreneurs don’t salivate at the thought of implementing processes, as they fashion themselves as more creative idea guys and girls. If you just can’t get yourself to implement processes on your own to streamline your business, then bring in someone that loves doing this and is great at it – because it will ultimately help your businesses become more profitable
    Don’t sit down with a blank screen to productize. Give a presentation, scour emails, review podcast interviews :-) First aggregate your previous content so you don’t have to start from scratch
    There are 4 layers of protection an Entrepreneur should think about – 1) Entity (LLC, S/C – Corp), 2) Insurance, 3) Contracts, and 4) Customer Service
    Harness your businesses IP – what have you developed that has value? How can you squeeze revenue out of assets you didn’t realize you had?

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