[Episode 19] A customer acquisition strategy to grow from 2 to 27 employees

Episode 19 banner Randy Rayess
Randy Rayess is co-founder of VenturePact, a technology services firm that matches companies with talented application development teams from around the globe.  He has also written in publications such as Forbes, Fast Company and Harvard Business Review.
In our conversation today, Randy describes in detail how to acquire customers through online advertising, including VenturePact’s strategic use of dynamic landing pages.  He also describes his approach to growing the company from 2 to 27 people in 3 short years.

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  1. How did you optimize your customer acquisition funnel through online ads and dynamic landing pages? Why have you focused on this as a key customer acquisition strategy for your company?
  2. What’s the one key thing you would tell people in order to recreate that growth of 2 to 27 people in 3 years?


Key Takeaways:

  • Test everything. Be willing to make mistakes and learn from them. Treat everything you do as a learning experience.  The way you frame things in your mind is very important–making and sharing mistakes is part of your success. 

  •  Be humble. Starting and running a small business isn’t about validating that you’re smart and talented.  That’s what corporate’s for.  It’s already validated you.  Running your own company is about learning and being humble. If you have that mindset, you’re not going to put yourself under this pressure that you have to do everything right.
  • Hire people who are persistent and hard working, but are down to earth in their approach. Hire people who are realistic enough to know when something doesn’t work out and then go on to test the next thing.
  • Optimize ad campaigns by testing, but wait to draw conclusions. For instance, you may need to do substantial advertising through Google before you see conversions.  Run tests and make tweaks to optimize. Be sure the tests are running properly. See what works on each channel– Google, FB, Twitter, all have their own dynamics. Test out bidding and ROI on keywords.
  • Dynamic landing pages & optimizing the conversion funnel A lot of the power is being able to segment traffic and be able to target them. Get inside your visitors head, and validate that you have value. Does your landing page speak to the information that you already have and show that you are credible?
  • Targeted questions Understand the value of a click and how much you are bidding in relation to your conversion funnel.  Minimize the number of questions and ask for more information, but keep it simple and don’t ask for information you may already have. It’s a trade-off, how much information is asked for and how much information is needed.  If the form is too long, you will lose conversions, if too little information is collected there will be a lot of noise, and the leads won’t be targeted.

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