[Episode 5] How to Grow to $500M and IPO

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How to Grow to $500M and IPO:  Burton Goldfield has led explosive growth at three different companies and in this episode we learn how he grew TriNet from $100M in revenue to over $500M in revenue.  Burton describes what two things were key to the growth and how they can even apply to someone looking to go from $100K to $500K.

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This week’s question:

My question for Burton this week?  How did you grow TriNet from $100M in revenue, to over $500M and lead it to IPO?

“… Painting a picture of an enduring company, painting a picture of a company that would last 100 year, painting a picture a company that would evolve as the markets evolved, and not be rooted in a single vertical that may suffer the outcome of something like the 1999 crash.”

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  1. What have been some pivotal moments in your journey from growing TriNet from $100M to $500M+?
  2. What specific strategies or approaches did you take to achieve those results?

Key Takeaways:

  • Set the vision by painting a picture of the company in the future – like Burton’s “road to a million”.  Set milestones to ultimately achieve that vision, and have team members work together to define their goal in achieving that milestone.
  • Hire for values – those values that fit who you want to be as a company

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Note:  As mentioned in the podcast, after interviewing Burton, I purchased a small amount of shares in TriNet

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