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What is Launch + Lead and Execepreneur?

The goal of Launch + Lead is to assist Entrepreneurs in building, launching and growing their businesses.  We speak directly to specific groups of entrepreneurs, as opposed to taking a “one size fits all” approach.

The effort has started by creating Execepreneur, where we focus on What Execepreneur by Launch and Lead is all about
two aspects – the transition from corporate executive to entrepreneur and the work of building and growing a business.

Why create Execepreneur?

What we’re doing here is different because we’re focused on helping executives best leverage their corporate background through sophisticated discourse and a relentless pursuit of cutting through the noise – focusing on tight, quality episodes and blog posts so you don’t have to bounce from site to site.

What should I do here?

Our offering is simple: solid guidance and advice about starting and building a business for talented business professionals, coupled with insightful stories from people who have already done it. Check out our:

  • blog – which comes out with an original post the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month; complemented by a guest blog post a month
  • podcast – every Wednesday, we bring you the inside stories from people who left senior corporate roles to start their own company and those business leaders that have built substantial companies.
  • resources – products and services we use to run our business that may be helpful to you as well

We’re glad you’ve joined us!